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Outdoor Games To make Kids Healthy

Kids Health Guideline

A few years back it was seen that kids spend their time after school hours in the outdoor games until sunset. But in the present time, there are hundreds of online games, television serials and entertainment websites which have occupied that memorable time. This leads many kids to be sitting at home and feel alone. We were used to talking with kids about basketball, football, and cricket, but now we are talking about obesity, eyesight weakness, and heart diseases. These body ailments found in those children, which have gone less or no physical activities in their recent time. Outdoor games are the part of physical activities, which are the best medium for transformation and growth of the Kids. Here are the top five outdoor games which are the best for the growth and health of the kids.

Little boy and girls grow up with a dream of becoming a baseball player. Baseball is the best outdoor game. Kids from five years of age can start with softball and then baseball. It is seen most of the league tournaments player arise from the local baseball teams. That is why in America children from five years to eighteen years participate in the little league. There are various physical benefits of baseball like physical strength, hand-eye coordination, and balance. Apart from physical benefits, it has also some social benefits as well as citizenship, teamwork, discipline.

According to Junk food may be fuelling increase in childhood food allergies and outdoor games are helpful to reduce food alergies. Another outdoor game soccer is very famous among kids and even for adults. It is mostly played in all countries of the world. Today there are three million registered players with soccer. Kids as young as four years old can participate in this game. They can start with the small ball on small grounds. Soccer helps to focus the attention of the kids. It has many physical benefits like flexibility, muscle strength, weight control, and coordination. If we talk about the social benefits of soccer, it has some advantages like leadership, self-esteem, fairness.

Everyone in his childhood remembers how he has learned to ride a bicycle. In the beginning, we start with the balance wheel, and parents hold us rigidly on the bicycle. As we get trained in bicycling, we feel little freedom and independence at our level. Bicycling is the best exercise for the kids. For safety reason, parents should not let their children ride multi speed, handbrake, and mountain bicycling.It has benefits of leg strength, cardiovascular fitness, weight control, environmental awareness.

Inline skating is also a very famous game among the kids. But the parents are always in burry about its safety measure. They don't want to fall their kids on concrete. You should know there are very significant safety measures which allow even a kid of four years old to go for inline skating. Before starting inline skating, you should take your kid to a professional for basic training and rules and regulations. This game is beneficial for body balance, flexibility, self-esteem, feeling of freedom.

Another best outdoor game and exercise is walking which most children do not like, but it is very beneficial for their body growth. It increases the breathing sense of our body by inhaling an excessive amount of oxygen. Walking keeps the blood circulation stable and helps to prevent many body ailments.

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